September 12, 2016


EasyLab automates Pharma R & D reformulation process for API and other. Customised for oncology drugs and can be implemented for other areas too.

This application is well suited for Lab where analysis is carried out in complex environments and varied time periods. This application track the complete flow of the project from the stage of initiation by giving a formula to test till the result of analysis.
Working on this application including following modules and we will be delivering in 4months.

  • FD – Formulation Department
  • AD – Analytical Department
  • QA – Quality Assurance
  • Warehouse/Store
  • Calibration
  • Dispose
  • Reports
  • Administration

Work flow and authentication in each level and most of the manual process is automated including the formula generation and calculation, this system is currently not integrated with the lab equipment as the customer is not interested at this moment.


Some screens

Flow & Brochure