September 13, 2016


The number of ICU beds available in India, both in public and private hospitals is very low. Many people lack the knowledge of availability of ICU beds there by shuttling between the hospitals searching for vacant beds. These delays are getting aggravated due to the heavy city traffic. Every day we are seeing several lives are lost due to delay in getting timely treatment.

Some of the survey’s say that large number patients lost their lives as they do not get access to the health care in the first golden hour.

The exact number of ICU beds in India is not available, since the registration of ICUs and hospitals is not a centralized process. We at ‘LifeXtnd’ are building network of hospitals which offers ICU services. With this information, patients, Doctors and the referral hospitals will have access to ICU bed information at the registered hospitals. LifeXtnd is trying to save the lives by sharing the timely ICU bed information.